LIFE is a festival!

A Week-Long ‘Festival Of Life’ is happening at Għajn Tuffieħa

The Bubble is back! Yes, it’s that time of the year when the first heavy rain suddenly falls from the sky, when the turtles are hatching, when it’s time to have a good time, smile and enjoy.

Happening this weekend at The Elysium and the surrounding area in Għajn Tuffieħa, it focuses on people of all ages and from all walks of life, particularly those that are seeking to explore outside their bubble! This festival sets out to create an atmosphere of learning, creativity, fun, relaxation, charity, sharing of new ideas and awakenings! In line with this mantra, the NGO organizes a week-long festival (It began on Monday and will run until Sunday 23rd of September). So, yes! Again loads of excitement and many workshops & healing in a colorful and fun environment.

The Bubble 2018 this year will be celebrating LIFE through a variety of music, art, workshops and abundant magical gatherings. This non-profit festival donates 100% of the funds raised from the festival to various environmental and humanitarian causes each year. The desire to create a community feeling, inspires people to follow their hearts. It’s about creating a better society.

The Bubble provides the public with the opportunity to enjoy one of Malta’s most beautiful natural locations whilst learning about ways to live more sustainably. It’s an opportunity to camp, connect, create, meditate… or just appreciate the beautiful views of Għajn Tuffieħa and the gorgeous beaches.

The festival seeks to be a leave-no-trace event, so everyone has to help and rise environmental awareness. People are encouraged to join this mission to ensure we leave the area in a better state than we found it in. LOVE Mother Earth and LOVE Malta! 

Mathew Buttigieg, one of the creator of The Bubble says that they are on a mission to remove a single use plastic and water bottles remained their biggest obstacle. They have cups that are 100 % compostable and kind of solves a lot of the problems, but they still leave a bit of mentality of ‘use and throw away’.

“We managed to remove plastic from soft drinks and beer, so now we have water dispensers- a 20 liters reusable bottles. And we also got water flasks, so every guest that enters the festival will be offered a metal reusable flask. For €10 you can also get a take-home metal flask as well as unlimited water bottle fills, so you don’t throw away a single gram of plastic. Also at the kids area we have nice healing vibes – like yoga and meditation workshops for the young ones and painting classes. There’s a whole program on Friday and Sunday. We have a cool line up, different type of music, alternative, reggae, dub, psy, rock… The concept of Bubble is to break out of our daily routine, we are here to relax in a natural environment and try to go back home as a different person.”


Why Not? Peace Grove at The Bubble 2018

The Peace Grove is found in the middle of the Golden Bay headland, in a protected nature reserve. It is the hub of the Bubble Festival, a space that hosts a vast mix of workshops and wellness therapies:

Meditation – Yoga – Env sustainability – Permaculture – Human connection – Spirituality – Healthy Living – Play – Dance – Nutrition – Martial Arts – Salsa – Intimacy – Acroyoga – Indian Dance – Sacred Geometry – Massage – Composting – Herbal Remedies – Freediving – Slacklining – Veganism – Kombucha – Emotional Release – Creativity Playshops – Gardening – Breathwork – Soundbaths -Rapéh – SelfLove

This year the theme is ‘Connection’ – as human beings, we all have the basic human needs, among others Love, Peace, Joy, Community and especially Connection. Are you the one who is still sleepwalking through reality and numb to existence? In the Peace Grove, this year we are invited to step beyond our edges of comfort. The intention is to connect to our innermost joy and stillness. Join us in the space for us to connect with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

“We are happy to welcome nature with her energy, it’s a cozy spot, a place to make you feel like at home”, says Alexandra Cachia, the one who create and materialize the idea of the healing area. “This is a space that we are all co-creating together and also where we welcome all sorts of emotion, so if you see everyone are having nice time and you are not feeling good, it’s ok. We have over 60 workshops in the following days, with a lovely mix of different kinds of offerings. There’s something for everyone. We are doing some playful workshops, so I invite you to join, let go and step into your child. We connect and play, we are here to support each other like a family. Go beyond your comfort zone. Get naked! And just have some fun!”


If you believe in the light of The Bubble, click GOING on The Bubble NGO Facebook page.

Written by Ana Matkova, freelance journalist and a volunteer at Bubble fest. Thank you all for the inspiration and effort to make a difference and spread LOVE.

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