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This year the Market will be set up in the heart of the festival grounds, an area purposely designed to be easily accessible to all festival goers.

Tell us about you and why you wish to participate at the Bubble Market 2018. The team will provide you with feedback and hopefully you’ll be joining the market soon!

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When filling in the form, you will need to have all the content for the application ready to enter, as you will not be able to save and edit it later. Fields marked with * are required to be completed.

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Arts & CultureHealth & WellnessHolisticSpirituality & AwarenessMovement / PlayOrganicSoundInformative

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Any DayMonday 17 Sep. 2018Tuesday 18 Sep. 2018Wednesday 19 Sep. 2018Thursday 20 Sep. 2018Friday 21 Sep. 2018Saturday 22 Sep. 2018Sunday 23 Sep. 2018

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Any TimeEarly MorningLate MorningEarly AfternoonLate AfternoonEarly Evening

Is there any day not possible for you?

NoMonday 17 Sep. 2018Tuesday 18 Sep. 2018Wednesday 19 Sep. 2018Thursday 20 Sep. 2018Friday 21 Sep. 2018Saturday 22 Sep. 2018Sunday 23 Sep. 2018

Will you be needing any of the following for your workshops? Note: please make sure you bring the necessary connecting cables. Kindly note that due to exposure to light, projected presentations are highly discouraged.

LaptopTV for presentationWhiteboard

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Have you been to the Bubble Festival before?

Have you been to Why Not? Peace Grove before?

I will be attending the Peace Grove Opening Ceremony on Monday 17th September at 6pm

I will be attending the Peace Grove Opening Ceremony on Sunday 23rd September at 8pm

Any other relevant information or request? Upload any other document you think is relevant.

The information provided by successful applicants may be used on the festival website, social media, brochure etc regarding Why Not? Peace Grove 2018. Your text content may be edited. Personal information will not be shared. When the application is entered successfully, you will be directed to an acknowledgement page and an email message sent to your address provided.

The Bubble 2018
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Here are 5 great reasons to volunteer at The Bubble


Your Bubble

Meet new and exciting people from all over the world!


a Difference

Contribute to some amazing causes!


Music and Art

Indulge in the live shows and gaze at the beautiful art!


Your Career

Gain valuable voluntary experience at a trusted NGO!



Get free tickets and some other great perks!

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