The Bubble NGO

The Bubble is a non-profit NGO which organises local events in support of humanitarian and environmental causes. The Bubble focuses on including everyone and is aimed at people of all ages and from all walks of life, particularly those that enjoy simple natural experiences, seeking to immerse themselves in new adventures. In line with this mantra, the NGO organises a non-profit week-lomg festival at the end of Summer to celebrate life.

The Bubble will sweep you out of the city and into a stunning natural environment, immersing you in an atmosphere of learning, creativity, fun, relaxation, charity, sharing of new ideas and awakenings to what’s going on outside your Bubble!

The Team

Josef Borg


Matthew Buttigieg

Public Relations

Duncan Fenech

CEO & Founder

Gayle Murphy

Sustainability Manager

Matthew Brincat

Social Media

Jens Vogel



Sustainability at The Bubble

One of the key aims of the Bubble is to raise awareness about sustainability and minimise the impact our daily activities have on our planet. This is a “leave no trace” event, where people are encouraged to separate their resources, carry their own drinking flasks or purchase a Bubble ECO FLASK. All paper such as signage, napkins and toilet roll are from recycled or compostable sources. The resources collection points allow participants to ensure that the resources they use are reused and up-cycled post festival. Our Environmental Policy helps the Bubble community come together to make a difference.

Volunteers will be encouraged to join the Global Green Events and Get Trashed Malta teams in the pre and post festival elements of the above to learn first-hand about sustainability and to take away some practical knowledge to share with others.

Our goal is to have compost toilets and example grey water systems in the near future once we get the right funding and support.

Workshops and talks in The Peace Grove and The Burst areas will educate and empower people to be more sustainable at home!

Our Environmental Policy

  • Packaging should be reduced at source, with conscious product buying. Discard all packaging before arriving on site.
  • No plastic disposables on site! All disposables are compostable. Cups (yes cups!), plates, and all food leftovers into compost. Simple.
  • Bring your own container/flask/mug for food and drinks.
  • Use the right bins. Your resources will be recycled and reused!
  • Cigarette ends go into the butt bins (Large cans) or into the portable ashtrays provided at the main gates.
  • Metal cans are permitted. Plastic or glass bottles are not permitted to be brought on site.
  • All cleaning or washing products used on site must be biodegradable. The land is sensitive.
  • Any used water only goes into sewerage systems on site. Do not pour used water directly onto the land as any contaminants have a big effect on the limited water supply and the runoff goes directly to the sea.
  • Carshare or catch the bus! Reduce your impact before you get on site!
  • The Bubble operates a “Leave No Trace” philosophy.
  • Burst Your Bubble by educating yourself, encouraging others and joining the sustainability crew.