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The Bubble Festival returns this summer between September 23 and 25 in a not-for-profit weekend to celebrate life.

The concept of the Bubble Festival is to take people away from their mundane, everyday routine and into a stunning natural environment, while immersed in an atmosphere of learning, creativity, fun, relaxation, charity, sharing of new ideas and awakenings to what’s going on ‘outside the Bubble’.

This year’s theme is A Festival of Love. Attendees will be able to partake in several activities including arts and crafts workshops for children and adults, lectures and workshops on green issues, get-to-know sessions with different NGOs, storytelling and puppet shows, art installations,stand-up comedy, composting and renewable energy and meditation, yoga and fitness sessions.

There will also be a focus on exotic, healthy food and conscious eating, nature and herbal walks, and ethnic stalls selling locally produced artisan goods and unique crafts.

The festival also promises excellent music, live events, dancing and a few surprises thrown in the mix.

The event is taking place at the Elysium in the Għajn Tuffieħa area, a beautiful green area perched on top of Golden Bay. With sweeping views and a truly stunning setting, festival-goers are guaranteed a serene atmosphere where they can switch off from the hustle and bustle of urban Malta. Camping is also possible.

The Bubble focuses on including everyone and is aimed at people of all ages and from all walks of life, particularly those who enjoy simple experiences.

The Bubble is a non-profit NGO which organises local events in support of humanitarian causes while supporting the environment, the arts and the community at large. The festival seeks to be an environmentally sustainable, leave-no-trace event.

This year, 50 per cent of the proceeds will go to Garden of Smiles, a female empowerment project by the Right to Smile Foundation aiming to give women in India and Kenya access to opportunities by exploring their creative potential and narrowing gender gaps in their education system.

Twenty per cent will go to The Gaia Foundation for integrated coastal zone management on the Maltese Islands. Fifteen per cent will be devolved to Why Not? to create a new platform where more educational workshops and events can take place.


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